Licenses and fees

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Do you run a company or organization?

In this case, you can obtain a license for photocopies of protected works made there. The Luxorr flat-rate license is the quickest and easiest way to go legal.

Numerous benefits for users

On the basis of mandates received from rights holders, Luxor issues licenses (authorizations, permissions) to users who request them for the multiple analog and/or digital uses they wish to make of protected works (texts, images from books, periodical publications such as newspapers, etc.).

These are Luxorr licenses , which essentially cover the following uses:

  • Reprographic reproduction (black-and-white and/or color photocopies)
  • Digitized reproduction
  • Public loan

The works covered by the licenses are entered in the register (repertoire) of works, which consists of a set of databases accessible below under the respective right of use.

In terms of rates, users may be entitled to a 15% discount if they are members of a professional organization that has signed a framework agreement with Luxorr.

To obtain a license, please follow these procedures, which may be contractual:

License application

Please send your license application to Luxorr by e-mail or post. The secretariat will contact you for follow-up.

Reprography rights

If you wish to purchase a reprography license (photocopies), you can obtain it as a package (
flat-rate license
) or by contract (
contractual license

are calculated according to the type of work and the type of use.

The reprography license covers books and periodicals.

Here is the list of works covered by the license, by country of publication: Germany, Australia, Belgium, Colombia,
Spain, United States of America, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland.

Right to digitize

If you opt for a digitization license, this is available as a contractual license .

The rates are also calculated by type of work and type of use (intranet, extranet, internet…).

The digitization license covers periodicals only.

Directory of works covered by the license, by country of publication:, Australia, Belgium,
Spain, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Switzerland.

Public lending rights

If you run a public lending institution, you are required to send Luxorr a
public lending license application

The fee is regulated by legislation and corresponds to an annual amount of €2 per registered user having borrowed at least one work of any kind (book, cd, dvd…) during the calendar year preceding the declaration year.

Other rights

If you wish to userights other than those mentioned above, please indicate them on your
license application
or/and contact the Luxorr secretariat.

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