Global definition

Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted by law to a creator or rights holder over an original work.

These rights enable the creator to control the use and distribution of his work, and to benefit economically from its exploitation.

Numerous benefits for authors

Copyright aims to encourage creativity by providing authors with legal protection for their works, thus encouraging them to produce new creations.

It also enables authors to derive financial benefits from their works, giving them the right to negotiate contracts of use, collect royalties and control the exploitation of their creations.

Types of works for which Luxorr protects your rights

The writings, the works

The photographs

Luxorr offers an A to Z service to protect your works of art

Solid protection

We help you establish solid legal protection for your written works, enabling you to retain control over their use and distribution.

Economic value

We help you maximize the economic value of your creations by negotiating usage contracts, collecting royalties and ensuring that the exploitation of your works is fair and remunerative.

Defending your rights

In the event of copyright infringement, we can provide you with legal assistance. We can help you take the necessary legal steps to protect your interests and enforce your rights.

Awareness and advice

We offer you our expertise and advice on best practices in copyright protection. We help you understand your rights and adopt the right strategies to prevent violations.

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