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Luxembourg Organization for Reproduction Rights

About Luxorr

Luxorr (Luxembourg Organization for Reproduction Rights) is an association authorized by the Minister of the Economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to collectively manage certain copyrights on behalf of its author and publisher members related to protected textual and pictorial works (books, press publications, etc.), notably reproduction rights and public lending rights.

For authors and/or publishers

If you are an author and/or publisher, you can become a Luxorr principal member and participate in the distribution of revenues collected in Luxembourg and abroad in return for the use of your creations.

For users

If you are a user of protected works, for example within a private or public company, the law requires you to ask Luxorr for authorization(license). This obligation is necessary for many uses, whether analog (photocopies…), digital (digitization, distribution on intranet, extranet, internet, social networks…) or other (library/media library loans…).

In addition to issuing licenses for the use of protected works, Luxorr is responsible forinforming and educating the public in the interests of copyright.

Finally, Luxorr is legally bound to promote culture.

Luxembourg Organization For Reproduction Rights
Non-profit association
Organisme de gestion collective de droits d’auteur R.C.S. Luxembourg F366
Ministerial authorization of July 28, 2021

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