Term used to designate the physical person who creates a work. In the absence of proof to the contrary, authorship belongs to the person or persons under whose name the work is disclosed.

Rightful claimant

In legal terms, a person (e.g. publisher, heir) who holds a right from another person, the author.

The term ayants droit is commonly used to designate all authors, their heirs and publishers.


The co-author is the person who, in association with one or more others, has produced a literary or artistic work…


The publisher is defined as the person or company who “publishes an online communication service”, whether or not on a professional basis, i.e. who determines the content made available to the public on the service he or she has created. The publisher is the conduit for content between an author and a reader.


In self-publishing, an author has his or her works published by a publisher who handles only the technical aspects of publishing and distribution, apart from the actual editorial choice. The author pays for the printing and advertising costs of his book.


A generic term for technical methods of reproducing content on printed media.


Transfer of content from a physical version to a digital format. Replace paper with an intangible, electronic file.


According to the law, the following are authorized: “short quotations in the original or in translation, justified by the critical, polemical, educational, scientific or informative nature of the work in which they are incorporated”. The right to quote may only be exercised in accordance with good practice, without any profit motive, provided that it is justified by the aim pursued and does not prejudice either the ‘ work or its exploitation. The name of the author and the title of the work reproduced or quoted must be mentioned if they appear in the source.


The Luxorr repertoire is a register of the protected works of our members and for which Luxorr is mandated to manage the copyrights.

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