Collection / distribution

Global definition

Luxorr collects the royalties and rights generated by copyrighted works, and redistributes them to the rights holders.

Collection and distribution

In return for the rights licenses Luxorr issues to users, it collects royalties which it distributes to Luxembourg and foreign rights holders in accordance with the following general rules.

After distributing the funds collected, mainly in equal shares to the rights holders, it distributes the amounts to be allocated on the basis of available information (user declarations, statistical data, etc.). In order to guarantee maximum transparency and rapidity in rights management, Luxorr has conceptualized a register of works that enables the identification and direct online acquisition of rights to use works for which it has a management mandate from the rights holders.


Collection and distribution by Luxorr

Management fees

The management costs Luxorr needs to fulfill its missions are kept to an absolute minimum. They are all the weaker as rights management becomes digital. To this end, it informs and raises awareness among all stakeholders, whether rightsholders themselves or rights users.


In addition, Luxorr makes deductions that are essentially legal, in this case for investments in the interests of promoting culture. Luxorr’s management bodies (Board of Directors, General Meeting, etc.) may decide to make other deductions, such as social assistance or other benefits in the interest of beneficiaries. It seems clear that the nature of deductions depends vitally on how copyright legislation is communicated, monitored and enforced.

Non-distributable funds

If Luxorr collects royalties for which the data required for distribution is lacking, incomplete, unclear or subject to interpretation(non-distributable collection), it will try to collect the necessary elements to remedy the situation. In the meantime, the proceeds are allocated to a suspense account.

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